Before you make a purchase, please ensure that your webserver meets the following requirements.

Recommended Server Type
While this application will run on a shared or reseller hosting, it is recommended you run on a minimum of a VPS server with at least 2GB of RAM especially if you will be sending emails natively from your own server as opposed to using a 3rd party service like Amazon SES. See list of some suggested VPS providers

Operating system
(windows might work, but it is not supported nor installation services available) with Cpanel or Webuzo panel (other panels having all requirements here should work fine but Cpanel or Webuzo is recommended at the moment for the purpose of technical support)

PHP 7.1 (this should be available in command line (CLI) also)
It is very important you confirm that PHP 7.1 is running in the command line before you purchase or attempt to run this software on your server

PHP Extensions
The following PHP extensions must be installed and active on your server: OpenSSL PHP Extension, PDO PHP Extension, Mbstring PHP Extension, Tokenizer PHP Extension, XML PHP Extension, Ctype PHP Extension, JSON PHP Extension, IMAP PHP Extension, GD PHP Extension, CURL PHP Extension

Cron Jobs
Your server must be able to run Cron Jobs (Linux Crons). Specifically ensure that you are able to run Cron every minute. If not sure, please ask your webhost before purchasing any package

You should also have MySQL, with InnoDB storage engine
If you find any of the requirements above confusing, kindly contact your webhost or our support team to help you out

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