I am excited that you are interested in the
12 week transformation challenge. In the next couple of paragraphs,
I am going to give some directives for you to
follow but first, here is a brief:

– To create an online biz and to get started
like highlighted earlier, you need 2 basic things
1. A domain name
(To learn how to do this see:

2. A webhosting account
(For your webhosting account, you need to run a
server powerful enough for your needs, so I
recommend getting a VPS server running at least a
4GB RAM of memory)

After these 2 things are setup and tied correctly,
you need to design your website along the lines of
your biz concept. We’ll get to this later.

Back to webhosting.
Normally a VPS server is what you need to get for
the kind of resources being described here but
the bottle neck all the while has been the cost
of setup which ranges from $50 to $150/mo

After 6months of search, we uncovered a secret
that there are certain servers classed as UNMANAGED
VPS servers which are cheaper but wihtout support
by the providers as it were (as we get deeper I
will explain how to manage your servers but for
now I will give you tech support) and we found
something with 8GB RAM of memory and 200 GB RAM
of SSD hard drive – that’s more powerful that
most PCs you find around locally.

And you can operate this server for just $7-8/month
if you choose to NOT use Cpanel and go with Webuzo

Setup your server now:
Before your start, make sure you have a Paypal
account (Nigerians can use paypal, just add your
card and be ready).

[ Pls follow this link on any device before purchase as
I need to track something which I will share as a foundation
and we will use during the challenge. ]
When you get to the site, order VPS S SSD at
4.99 EUR / month*

You will need to pay 5EUR for setup since its is
monthly payment. This is a onetime payment.

Order CentOs 7 (64bit) as operating system.

This should give 8GB RAM & 200GB hard drive so you
should not have problems.

Under Administration Panel
*IF* you want to use Cpanel, you can add it for $12
a month, after it is setup, I will install the free
version of softaculous for you.

However, there is another admin panel that we are now
using since Dec. It is called webuzo. The
licence is just $2.5/mo which means you can have a
powerful VPS server running on 8GB RAM and 200GB
drive with under $10/mo and will be able to run your
mailing list application (HulkMessenger), the latest
version without problems.

The only difference between Webuzo and Cpanel is
the fact that Webuzo is a single user admin panel.

If you decide you want to go with webuzo, you will not
add anything Under Administration Panel

When you are done, with your purchase and you have
login details to your server, reach out for further

If you do not have a domain name for your business,
please make sure you get one. See the video given
earlier for this

If you do not have a Payoneer account currently,
please make sure you create one too especially if
you live in Nigeria.


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